Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Akshaya Tritiya

If one buys gold on Parasurama's birthday then jewel shop owners have found an inexhaustible Akshaya that keeps on giving them money. The Akshaya vessel is you.

If on the other hand if one decided to start writing an epic or a magnum opus on this day, Vishwaksenar will become the Akshaya vessel from which one can draw immense quantities of knowledge. Hayagreeva will remain on in his tongue and hand. One such person ended up writing Mahabharata, completed the separation of vedas into 4 components, and ended up writing the most important document of all - the Brahmasutras. He obtained knowledge from an Akshaya container and became one himself.

Not that I am recommending against financial investment. It is good, wise and important to do that. However the word  'Artha' means meaning and purpose. It also means wealth and gold. But there are fourth purusharthas that one can choose to pursue at various times and they need not be mutually exclusive. And gold is a small part of of one such Purushartha. As M.N. Nambiar says "the shaaaice is yuvars".  Learn something new, teach your kids something new and maybe if you have enough give jewelers more money.

p.s: I thought Sun @ 10 deg Aries = Akshaya Tritiya. But I learned that lunar Tithi determines this. 


Anonymous said...

This is just a scam initiated and propagated by the jewelry mafia (heard it runs all the way to our dubai bhai lol).

R-ambam said...

Abhi -Ash wedding day as well ..
I like Sush though.

Subha said...

What do you think about the idea that USD to INR rates are good around the Akshaya Trithyai?

ankur verma said...

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