Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Low Quality

Usually when people get low quality governance it means that the people themselves are poor quality people and so deserve what they get. I think our politicians, IAS officers, policemen, and more importantly Rajya Sabha MPs reflect the kind of poor quality people that the country is filled with. 

The cringe-worthiness of Gemini Ganesan's daughter and Sachin Tendulkar becoming Rajya Sabha MPs needs to balanced with the fact that the people of India truly deserve this sort of garbage. The other MPs in Rajya Sabha may not be popular enough for us to know that they are bad choices. This X Std fail and third rate glamour actress as choices are merely reflective of the kind of people the country is filled with.So in effect this is true representation. I am a low quality person. My countrymen set extremely poor standards. This appointment is well aligned.


rads said...

So for arguments' sake, am presuming you directly link education to capability to govern. Yeah?

Hawk Eye said...

it depends on whether you define quality as additive or subtractive

mokka musketeer said...

congress oda political stunt..i dont see him successful in anything remotely related to leadership...the only saving grace is-patrons like harsha bhogle kooda dont think this is a good idea

Yash Marathe said...

As the old saying goes, "You get the government you deserve."

Anonymous said...

Oops thats very absurd argument on Tendulkar not qualified as he has failed in standard X.

Anonymous said...

@ all Shameless tendulkar fans..

Praise his ability/talent in cricket as much as you want.. But supporting him for an MP seat is utter garbage..
MP seat is not another "daactar pattam" or *bushan/*gnani award that he can chumma get..

Hawk Eye said...


neccessary and suficient condition type directionla pora madhiri irukku

Murali said...

A part of Rajya Sabha members are eminent people from different walks of life. If professional sports is a legit way of life, and we're picking a sportsperson, Tendulkar is surely among the top. He is surely eminent.

If he is interested in working as a RS MP, then he is as good a choice as any.

But I do get your point. Often being famous is mistaken to be being successful.

If Sunny Leone can get votes, she would be nominated the next President.

But I don't agree with your theory of country-men being poor standard.
1. 1 billion people cannot be standardised.
2. Elected MP's: 600 for 1 billion people. Systems' define how we select this highly skewed ratio. Our system's suck. And it isn't easy to change systems.

I don't know if our country-men deserve this leadership. But it says, some particular qualities (like bribery, sycophancy) are better suited in surviving our systems.

Sheila Chandra said...

Sounds like discussions that are going on across my country. It is so true, we get the quality of leadership we allow.

Venkat L said...

Murali - I think Manjrekar said it best that Sachin has never taken a stand, not even on cricketing issues.. - The reason why RS has representatives from different walks of life is to offer perspective - and hand on heart (or brain), Sachin doesn't appear capable of offering any..Moreover, this whole appointment is just a result of the UPA moving it's pawn - The reason why Hawkeye is right in saying we deserve such an appointment is because you get to hear idiot fan boys defending the move as if it would be fruitful.. Sachin's fan boys (he has a no. of sensible objective fans) are worse than the sycophants of any political party and they form a there!

Murali said...

Sachin is an accomplished person, in his own right. Some may be too critical of him, while others may fall to his feet, that is not the point. We may have better administrators / leaders than him in sports. But, that's also not the point. He fits the bill. Others may fit better, but that doesn't mean he's doesn't suit. Congress may have committed the crime, but Sachin is not the sinner., yet.

But I am more concerned about the "we deserve this leadership" comment.
This is a routine guilt syndrome offered by some good-hearted poor thinking public figures. I really didn't expect this from Hawkeye.

I am a victim of bad / corrupt administration. I will not accept the blame that I deserve the punishment for others' lack of ethics.

People world over have the same propensity to good or evil. What does our systems promote/penalize ?

Venkat L said...

how can we detach our self from the system ? Isn't it just a reflection ? [of us.]
how do unethical people manage to consistently be our leaders ? if the majority of us weren't slave to our own vested interests, what would they have to exploit and get there?
the point of saying that 'we deserve it' is to say that the majority of us deserve it or the few of us who want a higher standard are ineffective and consequently deserve it too..
On Sachin -
He is culpable in this whole charade because of the very fact that he accepted it..while being privy to everything that we know and more, he's willing to be a pawn...
Tomorrow they may make him the President - he will accept - Idiots will praise that as the greatest thing ever... - Will we continue to make this argument ? - he plays the mute card to his benefit..
We deserve it because most of us do not see through this - as a society we haven't sent a message across that we want better standards...
Today it is Rekha, tomorrow it will be Shakeela (soft porn actor, Kerala) - she's also eligible - she will also be accepted - Will we really want to make the same argument when that happens ?

As self defeating and pitiable as this view is, it is unfortunately apt..

Venkat L said...


Kapipullai's post on Sreedharan makes the same point from a different background. It makes apparent the point that we are incapable of identifying who are our real Bharat Ratna's -

Sriniwas said...


I regularly read your posts. I wanted to know what you feel about this?

Sorry if am going off topic on this but is it true that all we do is point and shout but not do anything fruitful?

Honest rational people like you and me hesitate to come to politics. How can we expect the same thing from another being? So isn't it even amazing that a person who is doing well in his professional life chooses to give something back and we deride him for even trying?

Murali said...

To deserve something, I need to have to a choice.

You are being very gracious to take the blame that the system is a reflection of us all.

All of us inherited the constitution with its features & flaws.

Most of us exist in this system, due to compulsion and chance that we were born here. If I were born in Africa, I probably wouldn't know how to read this article.

Most of us never had a say in anything that matters.

Don't kid that I could have joined politics. Statistically, there is very little chance for that, even if I wanted to. Out PM is 1 in 1.2 billion for 5 years, and he too doesn't have a free-hand at policy. Chance plays a huge role in world affairs, more than you care to admit.

We are not responsible for the mess we are in. We do not deserve it because we never had a choice.

We still need to try to better the systems, not because we're of low-quality, but because we are the ones facing the consequences.

Pradeep said...

I agree with your viewpoint. But describing Sachin as Xth fail is like describing Kamarajar as uneducated. Factual but irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

The great Boria Majumdar says: "Frankly, Sachin is no politician. Nor will he ever be. Perhaps he doesn’t even have the acumen to be one. However, when he speaks people listen. Such is the aura of the man. So when he speaks in Parliament, it is only likely that the members will give him a patient hearing."

Eppadi velangum?

Anonymous said...

To Pradeep Point

But describing Sachin as Xth fail is like describing Kamarajar as uneducated

---- kamaraj was a Farmer who understood society and importance of Education. you cannot compare the Both of them

to Hawkeye Post.

you hit the Nail on the head . Its a Spiritual Principle to what u said.- complaining against someone means those characteristics are in you

Wife is a reflection of you and vice versa

The Poor quality in the Office colleagues are a representation of you

Overall the Politicians represent the Poor quality of the People since we are the ones who elected them

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

chachin does not qualify unless he is coming in as an actor:

Gurgaonflowerplaza said...

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Venkat L said...

Murali - We just have two different ways of looking at things - I opine that we deserve the standards of the majority irrespective of our direct cuplability in the creation of the system that we are a part of. Whereas you are technically correct when you say - I won't take the blame because I didn't create the system nor can I pragmatically change it..

- Venkat
You are also right in saying that I'm probably gracious and I may not be far off when I claim - you're in denial - in short it's the vantage point effect!

thepsychologic said...

Cricket or for a matter of fact any other sport, art etc. is just entertainment. No matter how divine you call it, IT IS JUST ENTERTAINMENT!. Why the **** are entertainers given a RS seat ? There are LOT many ppl who have done lot many things to their fellow human beings. Sachin is just plain BULL**** (outside Cricket).

thepsychologic said...

I had actually put up my above comment as a status message on facebook and it resulted in one heated debate - Its archived here