Monday, April 09, 2012

Vaali Vs Karna

Writing the previous post on the slaying of Vaali & Karna has made me realize that Vaali's conduct was more acceptable than that of Karna. Both had committed bucketful of sins - but Karna's brand of adharma seems slightly more 'worshtu-fellow ba'.


Anonymous said...

Atleast karna had loyalty/gratitude/vaaku etc as a reason(apart from hatred toward arjuna, ofcourse) to have sinned, but vaali never did have any valid reason apart from misplaced hatred toward sugriva.. right? So why do conclude like what you have done?

Karthik said...

What is more fascinating is that the Karma also follows the third person, the common one in both the stories. In the first story He hides behind a tree and kills. In the second story, a hunter hides behind a tree and kills the one, mistaking Him for an animal.

White Rice Vellachami said...

I agree, Karna said worstu shit about Draupadi during the dice game. Maybe he was taking revenge for how Draupadi insulted him in her swayamvara. Either way for a guy who is supposedly full of good qualities should have forgiven and forgotten.

He continuously boasted about his abilities but repeatedly came second best to Arjuna. He couldn't defeat Drupada at Drona's behest. He along with others were defeated single handedly by Arjuna at the end of the Pandavas' incognito period. I dunno why people consider him equal, nay better than Partha.


According to Valmiki Ramayana, He does not exactly hide and kill Vaali. He does hide but he comes out in the open and shoots Vaali. Most modern retellings have it like Rama shoots from behind a tree but he does not.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about suryaputra Dravid and Indraputra Tendulkar, who is worstu fellow ba?


Hawk Eye said...

1st anon,

some other post in some other time - i will write as to why i think vali is better. But the reason you actually quoted for liking him is the same reason why i dont.