Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Athimber Day

While there are other high confidence indicators of retardedness, celebration of mother's day, father's day, friendship day and valentine's day is the probably the best  indicator. 

Every time I wonder how Sati, child marriage, un-touchability and so many other superstitions quickly became a fad and became injected into blood stream of society so quickly, I needn't look further than Mother's day. People will start doing any stupid thing as a ritual provided you package it to them with appropriate incentives and societal peer pressure. 

Athimber Day should be celebrated in honor of the sagacious Athimber who will dispels nonsense in any family gathering.

Sunday, May 06, 2012


Vijay TV has begun to telecast NVOK in US starting this weekend. My first thought on watching it was that - actor Surya stands the risk of over exposing himself in the public media space. I have seen his books in Landmark where he has written his childhood stories of struggle and other miscellaneous stories. He also used to write a weekly article in a leading Tamil magazine on his personal stories and flashback. NVOK again contains too many personal stories about him. I also saw a special program/talk given by Sivakumar where he too delves into details of Surya's childhood.

There is a tact which some very successful public figures use where they don't give-up a lot of information about them. There is a charm and mystery in not revealing too much about yourself. In essence leaving a lot to the public imagination and speculation. It is a timeless art used by people who understand the ebbs and flows of public life.  This builds up an aura for a person and given them control on how to develop and sustain the aura. Surprisingly, Rajnikanth, Ilayaraja, ARR and Manirathnam employ it very well. I say surprisingly because I perceive Tamil people as having a more than average weakness (assuming any kind of person has some weakness for this) for over-the-top'ness and a penchant for "i want to tell my emotional story". Surya has chosen for some reason to live a very open-to-public life. I cant see a long-term upside for this. Especially his 'novelty' value. After a point people will get used-to or even fed-up of his personal story, he may lose the charm of discovery, and people may move on to the next new thing.

Also, the build-up given for Surya in most Vijay TV shows he appears (especially in the past 2 years) cant be good for him. Cant help thinking someone is not in control of moderating their presence on TV.