Thursday, June 28, 2012


Unlike Sirutthai this is not a horrible movie. This isn't a very good movie either. It is sort of boring and mindless in a well-meaning sort of way. This has the same storyline as Dhool. But Dhool was really entertaining and fun to watch. I have long given up the hope of finding any sort of logic in the masala movie genre. It is a very good skill set to have while watching this movie. However, either I haven't practiced this skill hard enough or this movie tests the boundaries of what is tolerable. From the first frame to the last frame this movie completely disregards any rules that happen in the real world. 

In such circumstances, it is common to switch on the rajini-movie mindset and think "dei logic ellam thooki vittu eri, entertaininga irukka?". Unfortunately, I didn't find the movie entertaining at all. It felt long and linear without any great surprises or highs. I thought the biggest weakness of the movie was it couldn't decide if it was an out and out comedy entertainer or if it were a intelligent political satire. It ended up being neither. Santhanam's comedy was laughable in a few places. Karthi didnt't have any scope in the role to do comedy. I think guest actress Anushka and Andreah appeared longer than the heroine Pranitha. I was actually expecting a political satire like "Amaidhipadai". But this turned out to be poor man's Dhool - if that is at all possible.


Manojh said...

Mt.Everest of don't-expect-logic.

The problem is that makers of such movies set this idea as the benchmark for entertainment. I agree with you that dhool with a very similar story-line managed to excel.

The movie made me think of ways to get back money for watching a horrible movie in a theater. There should be a study for devising an intelligent money-back-guarantee scheme, something like a polygraph test set up in every seat that records your emotions as you watch the movie and computes whether you actually enjoyed it or not. This will determine your eligibility for a money-back.

Ganesh said...

these kind of movies nowadays dont seem to be hardcore on the actual theme that they are supposed to represent (not even in a single scene). this one was apparently political satire ... but none of the scenes were anything close to real or dramatic. I think the director should have been deliberately careful to not let be real or surreal. It seems like it was aimed to be a superficial entertainer from the start. And i think we should also not forget charitable media institutions that help create a hysteria for useless movies like these upfront ... and for good movies like Engeyum Eppothum and others after the movie has seen its prime (which is 10 days at max). Like they say " we get what we deserve ".

The Raj said...

"The movie made me think of ways to get back money for watching a horrible movie in a theater."

Its guys like you who are being targeted by directors like these for the opening week shows which in turn ensures that they get the money back to make another crappy movie like this and the cycle goes on..
you are definitely getting what you deserve..

The Raj said...

Did'nt I tell y'all that Karthi sucks?He lucked out with his first 2 films