Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Yajur Upakrama

1. This day is neither in Avani month nor on avittam star. But still is called so by Tamils. It used to come in Avani. But I dont know what changed. It has been happening in Adi for the past few years. I am not sure if there are girls in North India who are surprised because their brothers are sending them money order for Rakshabandhan a month earlier than normal. But calling this day as Avani Avittam seems weird.

2. Must acknowledge the yeoman service U. Ve. Srinivasachar of Vaishnava Kendram  has been doing. Without his do-it-yourself pdf and video things would have been really difficult with that 2 page Kerningham and Ritchie type indecipherable yellow paper that was given in the earlier days. (note: apparently there are only 3 Sama Veda vaisnava vadhyars in Madras and he is one of them. He apparently has an ipad that he uses when comes for marriages and announces the meanings of different mantras in a mike as he performs them. Orey the hi-tech).


Anonymous said...

Agree on all pts but one. Kerningham & Ritchie is tilldate the best book to learn C and to start programming for beginners!

Hawk Eye said...

i didnt say that was not the best. just more difficult if it was your first ever programming book. big K & R fan. but it was a lot of content packed in 80 pages

Alan Smithee said...

This begs the question - is a vathiyaar more valuable if he takes you through a short cut or long route? What used to take an hour in India used to take 30 mins here. This time around, it hardly took 20 mins. So I paid the maama very well.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the upakarma is always celebrated on the full moon day of the month Sravana (in the lunar calendar). Sravana starts after the Adi new moon, so this is per tradition. Chandramaana calendar is always followed for all our festivals. Even Janmashtami this year is in Adi.


Hawk Eye said...


vathiyar is valuable if he makes sure you do all the required things in the proper way. your experience is more valuable is you try to do it correctly to best of your ability and respect the vadhiyar for helping you.


yes. but previously shravana poornima fell in avani. why the shift to adi. why doesnt paambu panchangam experience dramatic shifts whereas other panchangams do.

White Rice Vellachami said...


Kovil Sri Jayanthi (aka most Iyengar Jayanthi) is still in avani (September 9th - Matam,SageTrio,Vaikanasa,Pancaratra).

Chandramaana calendar is not exactly used when all our festivals are celebrated. Deepavali is almost always in Aipasi.

Thai varusha pirappu (pongal) is always mid-Jan and Chithirai varusha pirappu is always mid-Apr. This is all sun calendar.

As much as adiyen can remember the only time in iyengar pamilies the kaandraversi comes is Ramanavami. Except Srirangam almost all temples/mutts/ashrams et al celebrate ramanavami according to lunar calendar while Kovil Ramanavami is according to sun calendar.

Still I have no idea why avani avittam became adi avittam.

Anonymous said...

Chandramaana technically does not exclude the Sun. When you have two new moons in a single tamil month like this Adi, the chandramaana month doesn't move for the second moon as Sun is still in the same zodiac. So we get Adhika badrapatha this year and Vinayaka chaturthi shifts late into Sept.

I agree that Sri Jayanthi is always avani rohini, but as for as I know, smarthas celebrate only janmashtami. Deepavali is asweeja krishna chaturdasi which is two days before karthigai month so it always falls in aipasi.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the last comment was me.