Friday, October 19, 2012


I had such low expectations going into this movie (because I had seen bad reviews) that the first half surprised me. At the interval point I was like "Not bad. This is turning out to be a good movie". And the second half was a drag. I am not able to put my finger on it - but K.V.Anand and Shankar make similar sort of movies. Both have the same formula, high-budget, social themes stuff their story with every possible piece of entertainment there is. But Shankar's movies aren't boring. This one was. Maybe its the bad songs. Maybe its the 'I don't care about DNA manipulation' feeling.

I like Ko a lot. Ayan was so-so. This one seemed better than Ayan. But thats about it. Kajal Agarwal is "takkar figure ba" category and smiles beamingly even in 'mandaya podraa' and other assorted grave scenes. I am her big fan now. Surya does well. But this is the same Surya we see in every movie. The double action technology was awesome. At many points it didn't feel like same actor was playing both the parts.

Oru dhaba pakkalam.


Sundar Narayanan said...

enna pa, thanni adichchuttu padam paathiyaa?

you trash movies that get average good reviews.. this one got an average review and you are giving it a 1/2 thumb up?!

global warming is very real!


Hawk Eye said...


thitti thitti bore adichadhunaala dhaan avalava thittala.

by the time I watched the movie expectations = 0. so maybe that's why. plus kajal agarwal stand alone = half thumbs up.

your shaddagar's review is in line with mine. but he doesn't trash any movie harshly. so I see your point.

Babs said...

I had exact same thot too....arnd the interval I was like did everybody else watch the same was not bad at all....then Russia or that stupid lukvenia (or watever crap) comes along n kills the good movie....KVA cud have thot of something else of how he gets the formula or etc to identify the drug...except for the russian part i really enjoyed the movie..esp the climax

Belfor Dallas said...

sundar Narayanan that global warming comment made my day

Hawk Eye said...


I was kind of wondering the same too in the first half. it seemed like a novel idea. I think after un-twinning the movie becomes a different genre that we don't care for that much

sundar & other guy,

It may be real. My point is I don't care about it that much.

Ravi Kumar said...

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