Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saniyan Pudicha Amrikkan Desis who can't vote but support Obama

The worst category of desis I had seen in the past were Amway Desis with no money, who ask other desis with no money to buy Amway products that no one needs. They meet you in Walmart, in bank, in temple and torture you with this.

That was until Obama came into the political scene. Now there is a new category of saniyan pudicha desis who don't have a vote asking other voteless desis to vote for Obama who will screw the green card out of their voteless bottoms and ship them back to their country. These desis are all over Facebook polluting your timeline by calling the debates as won even before Obama saapadu has jeernichified.

Mitt Romney wants to kick out illegal immigrants with no education and no use to the economy. He wants to stamp a green card to an employment letter if you have a college degree that this country considers productive (read as the science/engineering based degrees that the annoying desis-with-no-vote have). He may pass bill HR3012 that may accelerate the green card process of annoying-desis-with-no-vote. He will outsource jobs to India. This means the annoying-desis-with-no-vote will have family members who will get more jobs, more money inflow into India etc. 

Meanwhile Obama will block bill HR3012 that will ensure annoying-desis-with-no-vote will not get a green card. Obama will also not outsource jobs to India. This means that when annoying-desis-with-no-vote get deported to India they will have no jobs to search for. Obama will support illegal immigrants because they come from a community that has a huge vote bank. That community is a soranai-ulla-community which cares for people who come from their country. They remember that they were once an illegal immigrant and vote to help their bretheren.. Meanwhile soranai-ketta annoying-desis-with-no vote dont care if people who come from their country get a green card or not. Once an annoying-desi-with-no-vote gets a green card he/she only worries about useless topics like global warming, pro-life and other issues that masturbate their ego.

So annoying desis-wih-no-vote continue to post Facebook and twitter messages praising Obama to the sky. They talk about gay rights, pro-life, Libya, healthcare plans and other totally useless things.Thattula soru adhuva podum?  Obama will ship their ass back to India and voteless desis will remain jobless desis talking about pro-life, Libiya etc in a tea kadai back home. 

p.s1: HR 3012 was introduced by a Republican senator. It has democrats backing it as well. But its made no progress in a while to getting passed. 

ps2: I dont care about the specific policies of the political parties of this foreign country. My uber point is that voteless desis are irrelevant and unimportant in the US political discourse. Rightly so. Them discussing these issues 24x7 as if their lives depended on it is irritating enough for me to mock them. I find Obama desi supporters more annoying than Obama himself.  The specific immigration point was a sub-point in the larger narrative. I don't care if it turn out to be false. It is an exaggeration to point out to voteless desis that they are irrelevant and stupid. And that their attempts analyze political news in the US is like a nerd kid trying despoly to be among the cool hip kids and somehow be considered relevant. In the larger scheme of things there is no opinion least important than a desi with no vote. Just that their ego refuses to let them accept it. knowing that one is unimportant requires a level of humility and maturity that is sorely lacking. Hence my anger. I am more willing to be patient with people who truly understand the futility of this and know that they do it for entertainment or as an ego massage (similar to the pleasures of gossiping).

p.s3: Yes, I am an awesome Hypocrite. Knock yourself out.


hari said...

I agree with your views. Voiceless Indians who get into American politics are worse than the dog who barks at the sun.

Anonymous said...

Arasyilala ithellam satharnam pa.. It's like a soap opera. You have to watch it like raman andalum ravanan andalum attitude..

With regards to Desis who can't vote but support O. He talks well and our peeps like who talk well. That is all. And Romney is not going to staple a GC to degree holders. That kool-aid has been served for so long by both the parties for a long time.

Ellam Eye waaspa.. :)

Anonymous said...

On the flip side, Romney might go and attack Iran's ass, You and I will end up in trouble with or without a GC

Karthik Sriram said...


I think your opinion that Mitt being a republican will aid GC is not completely true. Recently the republican party has become like the Ayotollah's of Iran, trying to create an Evangelical Theocracy in America. Trying to integrate atheist Chinese and Hindu Indians are definitely not on their agenda, especially considering most of the republican party is run by teabags, who are basically people who a) do not have decent education b) want high paying jobs

@ Anon - Well said.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Typically, such desis-with-no-vote also think they are foreign policy experts, completely forgetting that their grounding of international affairs was through pro-Soviet Indian textbooks and bitter-about-being-relegated-into-insignificance European media houses. In fact, a lot of such luminaries support Saudi Arabia over Israel, which wouldn't be gross hypocrisy if they also supported Pakistan over India on Kashmir and China over India on Arunachal Pradesh.

The only cure is that everyday they should be shown a 1 minute clip reminding them that America didn't beg nor give vethla paaku and invite 99% of them (except obviously National-Interest-Waiver geniuses, who are at max 1% of the desis-with-no-vote group) nor does it keep them from leaving. These desis stood in line for hours like beggars outside the consulate and broke coconuts to their family deities so that they get their F1/H1/L1 and they put in their apps to get Green Card/ Citizenship on their own.

So, if they are not happy with what has been provided on their plate by America, they may show that they have some degree of at least one of vekkam, maanam, soodu, soranai, rosham, they can choose to come back and let someone whose conscience doesn't permit this level of ingratitude take their place in the highly limited H1/L1/Green Card line.

Anonymous said...

A question to all Obama supporters out there. He is saying outsourcing is bad. Outsourcing is trading. Trading of services for money. Just like Apple or Coke or Hollywood selling their products or services outside US. So, is he essentially saying coke should sell only in US and Kalimark should sell in India? What's the thinking?

The Raj said...

voteless desis discussing politics in US is a lesser crime than voter desis in India discussing about local politics when they dont bother to vote. Sitting in their sofas, getting their knowledge from half-baked debate shows in TV channels and barking it about it all day long in their blogs. These are the guys who dont even have voter IDs.

Venkat Hari said...

Hawkeye - super stuff! But at the risk of being the target of your frustration and this post - I have to say - I enjoy and follow American politics more - although I don't even stay in the US. The coverage is very entertaining and the drama is made to unfold in a way that is very appealing to me.
On the subject of Obama and Romney - even I could point out that while your broader point is right, your view that Romney may be better for desis and consequently for India is far fetched. Suffice to say that the answer to that question is complex and I am not going to invite your or the commentators ire by dwelling into that. My short point is that Information about Amrikan politics is assimilated in a way that is very appealing and therefore all the debates and discussions despite their futility is not a surprise :-)

DI said...

Love this 'Saniya Pudicha' series! :D Again, no opinion on the topic myself, but man, this is hilarious! Rants have never been more entertaining!
Are there more of these in the archives? Will go check!

Anonymous said...

Karthik Sriram's ignorance is rivaled only by his own ignorance.

Overall and despite anomalies, the GOP is the pro-trade, pro-business and pro-skilled worker-immigrant party by a long way. Which is more important than Democrats presiding over temple kumbabishekams. Even the H1B visa has Republican roots. Anyone with a good understanding of American politics or any politics will realize this. Also, the GOP is at least theoretically the low tax party. Considering the median incomes of Indian/Asian families, something to think about. Gay, abortion, mairu mattai is irrelevant for most desis except scene parties.

Ayatollah it seems. Mairu. If Republicans were 1% as bad as Iranian dictators, they'd have killed your sorry ass. The desi seems to have integrated well, in fact too well, and morphed into the Inception-watching, Avatar-loving, accent-putting, Oscar-tuning, uppity hypocrite. You really understand the Chinese speak English?

I think America is as good as it gets for a legal immigrant. More so for a madras university level ottai engineering degree. As long as they don't kill you and openly discriminate, it's fine. Onda vandha pidaari oor pidaria viratudhaam.


INnocent_guy said...

Yeah, I agree with @Venkat Hari. I have never been a politics person: it has never interested me. But the US Presidential race is entertaining and fun to follow. To me, it is like supporting a sports team and getting frustrated about team selection, strategies etc. - my support (or lack there of) of any team on Facebook has no bearing on the team anyway. But it's fun and you want to express your views/opinions. I like Obama for his charisma and I believe that he has true and noble intentions and the best chance for USA to go back on top. I also understand that being a visa-holding Indian in the USA I stand to benefit if Romney were to be elected. That said, being sent back to India isn't as bad as you put it. While outsourcing is a huge driver of the Indian job market, it won't be the worst thing that happens to India if Obama switches off shipping jobs overseas. I'm sure we can all find competitive jobs: as far as I am concerned the only real reason for staying in the US is the money, since you get to spend a lot and still save a sizable amount. Most desis who are here can find competitive well paying jobs in India too. But I digress. Point is, I'm sure all such so-called 'saniyan pudicha got no vote desis' (myself included) understand that their views have no bearing on US politics but we don't let such petty things come in our way of expressing our love for Obama! :)

SJ said...

Long rant ahead. True, when thinking about yourselves, its logical to support the candidate/party that is going to sooru-potufy. But nothing wrong in having an opinion on the politics of the country you live in. Just because I dont have a vote, why should I not comment on the politics here and more importantly why should i voice my support for Romney just because I might get a green card? Why should other issues like pro-choice, gay rights not be important to me? So it is OK to have an opinion only after I have a GC/citizenship even though i am on my path towards it and my children are born in this country? Isnt it progressive to think about those important issues as well and not just about what serves you well? Maybe India as a culture has gone to the dogs because we are so intensely selfish and survivalist. Supporting Romney just for the possibility of a speedy GC in-spite of not believing in any of his core values may not make so much sense to other desis as much as you. Just like your pet peeve against desis who inculcate the american lifestyle and engage in american political opinions/culture, I have a pet peeve against desis who hang on by a thread to everything indian and refuse to live in the present environment. They are the biggest hypocrites of all. You have your kids in the US and give them the best US can offer and they will vote for Dems/GOP one day and you will sit a couple decades from now to discuss what you now say desis shouldnt (without a GC) discuss.

I have a friend with a GC with all the money and power in the world still stuck to old age ideas. He will still fight the american driver who flags him down to point out he shouldnt be talking on the phone while driving. And his response to that: These white fellows are jealous that they cant earn as much as we desis do. According to him American politics is a waste of time, american food/culture/women/everything except his chettinadu chicken masala is a waste off time. I want to ask him, then what the fuck is he doing here? I couldnt believe it. In a few decades, with the amount of such minded desis immigrating to the US, we will convert the US into another law-less, rule-less, respect-less nation. We as a culture are weak minded, we dont think of the bigger picture. And we have incredibly inflated egos. :)

Hawk Eye said...


look, I generally don't like people discussing politics 24x7. india or here.

discussing nonsense topics like global warming etc is all ego massaging. you talk because you like to hear the sound of your voice.

im fundamentally opposed to people who are impractical and indulge in rhetorical and purely theoretical debates on political topics that have no immediate productive use.

i fundamentally hate Obama jalras. I have some great trolling pleasure in insulting them. I intend this to be a counterpoint to the level of brainwashing that goes on.

the point is you are not a citizen of this country. your children maybe but they don't have a vote either. no one knows what they'll grow up and do. don't overstate your legitimacy to do whats is essentially a ego massage.

if I need to be in india to talk about india then you need to have a vote to talk about politics here. as simple as that.

SJ said...

Well, we clearly disagree. :) Thinking about important issues and having a discussion about them is not ego massaging just because you say so. I bet you have thought about these topics (i remember your abortion related post) and verbalized/discussed them with your circle but somehow cant stand that the next person does this. But am glad to see someone who can strictly stick to talking about things of the most practical and productive use. Case in point: your previous post. Well actually most of your posts. And as evident from this response, I have a great trolling pleasure in pointing out how hypocritical and condescending a person's post it. But your blog, hence your opinion. This is mine.

Hawk Eye said...

the people who try and point out hypocrisy are usually wrong because they don't understand what hypocrisy means or the mechanics of it.

I am a very good hypocrite and proud of that. but not for the reasons you mention. and you don't have the ability to spot a hypocrite if he bit you on the face. that's purely because you don't realize you are one as well. when you realize you are one. you'll do better at spotting your own kind.

read my comment again and see the highlighted part

" i'm fundamentally opposed to people who are impractical and indulge in rhetorical and purely theoretical debates on political topics that have no immediate productive use"

you didn't catch it the first time because you were so full of yourself trying spot a hypocrite not knowing you were one too.

Hawk Eye said...

" i'm fundamentally opposed to people who are impractical and indulge in rhetorical and purely theoretical debates on political topics that have no immediate productive use"

Hawk Eye said...

And I rarely discuss politics with anyone in my circle or my FB wall. I never feel the urge to discuss anything or debate on these 'issues'. I only do it as a criticism of people over-discussing politics or to troll people.

I do have political thoughts and I am interested in the narrow band of TN politics. But I hate discussing them 24x7. And hate people who do. Discussing politics once every 5 years is my frequency. You would have seen less political posts than the .0001% posts that I have if not for the annoyance caused by people like you over-discussing it.

Ranjith said...

These people who use the 'hypocrisy' word like they know what it means. Pointing out random stuff and calling it hypocrisy. Ivangala mudhalla ozhikkanum.

Hawk Eye said...


they are usually binary people who subscribe to 'if you are not with me. you are against me'.

All nuance in-between the two extremes appears like hypocrisy to them. that's how they end up defining it.

Anonymous said...

Mr Innocent Guy

" I'm sure we can all find competitive jobs: as far as I am concerned the only real reason for staying in the US is the money, since you get to spend a lot and still save a sizable amount. Most desis who are here can find competitive well paying jobs in India too."

The day is not far when *all* the berika returns will be branded "overpaid". They will all come with a hangover and think they deserve more because they pudingified white's hair and washed their ass with berika water. Understand this - if you come back to India, vaala surutittu irukanum. The moment you open your mouth to say "i'm berika return and so i deserve more", you are pissing off more people than desis pissing off americans in their land.

As long as people like you are there in berika land, "Obama's true and noble intentions" for america will not fructify. Code ezhudra naayiku enna egathalam.

Anonymous said...

"worries about useless topics like global warming, pro-life and other issues that masturbate their ego" - so these topics are useless to think about now? Idiot.

Fish & Bait said...

"All nuance in-between the two extremes appears like hypocrisy to them. that's how they end up defining it."

When sad things get funny, they're really funny. Such as this or the author's claim that he's "baiting".

Fish & Bait said...

"if I need to be in india to talk about india then you need to have a vote to talk about politics here. as simple as that."

The what?! How?!

Extending this logic -- because people who live in dictatorships do not have a vote, they should not speak out. Or, because your wife has better sex with me, you should not masturbate. As simple as that.

Venkat Hari said...

" i'm fundamentally opposed to people who are impractical and indulge in rhetorical and purely theoretical debates on political topics that have no immediate productive use"

I see what you are saying - but - you probably mean discussing specific political issues like gay rights, abortion, pro life and all that crap that has no or little bearing on desis..

My problem with your statement is that it paints discussion on politics with a broad stroke - there are several other aspects of politics that offers perspective and knowledge much like science and technology discussions..

To quote an example :: Listening to the debates and following the campaign makes me understand to a certain level why we increasingly live in a partisan world. Listening to podcasts on the political evolutions since the roman period to most of the western history to the current period helps understand how they were to influence society and economics in a different (possibly better)way than those in the east did.. Over the years, it has made me understand the significance of politics from a rather naive starting point of - All politics is dirty and bad!
I discuss these things on FB and twitter so as to improve my comprehension on the subject!
And like i said earlier - it's a damn entertaining show! like a movie or a sitcom or a drama series..

You may turn back and ask me - what am I going to do with the information and perspective ? - maybe nothing of practical use, maybe something, but nothing more or less than what I would do with an understanding of e=mc2, keynesian economics or how the iphone is designed... - almost everybody is pre disposed to certain kinds of information and knowledge - for some of them, that is politics!

Your just need to qualify the target of your rants better.

INnocent_guy said...

Wow! Whoever the anonymous guy is that responded to my comment. Here's the deal. 1. I don't write code. Not every Indian who is in the US for work writes code. And even if so, there's nothing menial about it to talk low of it. 2. No one mentioned about bragging and self-branding oneself as a 'berika return'. Not everyone does that, and definitely not as many people do that now as maybe 10 years ago. Wake up. It seems like maybe you've done that and got served. 3. I am not naive to think that I am entitled to compensation in India acc to US pay standards. Who does that? How stupid and naive do you think Indians are? I simply said 'competitive jobs and salaries' and that has nothing to do with having a 'vaalu' and/or 'surrutifying' it. 4. It's okay if you think my opinion is baseless or if you think I'm a 'code ezhuthara naayi'. Because I don't care what you think about me. But I will have my opinions and voice them where and when I see fit and when someone misrepresents me or my opinion, I will stand up for it. Like this author is doing now - he is defending his view that any Indian in the US who does not have a right to vote has no business following US politics, let alone posting about it on FB walls.

Coming back to this blog, I have no reason to be subscribing to Hawkeye. But I do, because I find many of his posts good and I actually support the views he expresses in most posts. This one clashed with my opinion and frankly I found it offensive that the author broadly classifies any Indian in the US who can't vote but has a view on US politics as 'saniyan pudicha desis', and so wanted to express my opinion that that is not the case with all Indians in the US.

Hawk Eye said...

venkat hari,

yours is a very good comment and I probably agree with you. I usually write these things very quickly as a reaction to a moment in time and type off comments in the same way without providing a lot of context. this leads to 'but you write about other topics that are waste of time but why single out this one as waste of time'.

ill probably write a post on the whole concept of 'watching news' and how useless that it. the fundamental disagreement we may have is that I watch KTV or sirippu-oli channel knowing fully well its enterainment and timepass.
those things are very honest in that they are what they are.

this politics creates this duality in people who profess that this is 'knolwedge' and 'useful' but when pushed quickly toe the 'but its entertaining man' line. See the way your comment started and ended as an evidence of that.

I don't mind people writing 7 pages about a wastu movie. they know what they are doing is just ego massaging. but politics is totally different brand bullshit. the guys actually think they are indulging in some productive debate.

Hawk Eye said...

to the other guys who are boiling over in angst,

yes :-) you are right. I write about things that are totally useless. and then I then go on to single out and criticize people who discuss things that are totally useless. I practice double standards. i'm usually awesome that way.

Hawk Eye said...


I probably should define the target audience of this post better. look at response to venkat hari's comment

Anonymous New Yorker said...

Although, I have my differences with Hawkeye and a few of his friends on the previous topics and a few other issues that were discussed in the blog, i couldn't resist posting a comment supporting Hawkeye's political views.

Obama's spending spree on useless green energy projects and massive borrowing, while deficits over the last 4 years have exceeded $5 trillion = Spending our generation's future away like nobody's business and destroying the future of our next generation.

Despite knowing that the President has no credibility on oil and coal, I was foolish enough to get a propane tank installed and converted my natural gas range to LP. Also, the insurance for propane grills in Manhattan is too high. With gasoline prices hitting record high and heating costs set to rise, i wonder what's going to happen next. And why was he bragging about his energy policy in the debate?

I was one vote for healthcare plans which i deemed useful, until it became Obamacare.

Remember that Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal were the only Indian-Americans who won the 2010 polls, while all the Indian-American democrats who ran for congress lost.

Anonymous said...

On the lines of Kejriwal's expose, I am curious to know who'll be next in the Saniyan pidicha series

Anonymous said...

the guy who replied to innocent guy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 10:51:00 PM
-----seems to be a case of sour grapes :))
enna amrika vara visa kidaikalaya ???

Anonymous said...

I can imagine parties in your house. Everyone eating silently on sundal and thair sadam and twiddling thumb....is it ok to discuss about Golu even though you are not God? Or talk about someone's golu coz you didnt keep it?

Logic Labakkudas said...

/* I can imagine parties in your house. Everyone eating silently on sundal and thair sadam and twiddling thumb....is it ok to discuss about Golu even though you are not God? Or talk about someone's golu coz you didnt keep it? :-) */


are you for real? is this an anology? I know you are reaaaalllly stupid. so there is probably no way you'd get this.

But do you sit in your house 1 month before golu and talk with your family and friends about how ambujam maami should keep her golu? discuss strategies on how she should arrange her golu and ask your friends to *decide* which golu style is best for ambujam maami' house, argue about it and fight over it on facebook, write blogs about it?

just because ambujam maami invited you for dinner once, does it obligate you to strategize about her golu? ponoma aaptoma vandhomannu irukkanum. edho avaloda golu've unna nambi irukkara madhiri oru build up.

Hawk Eye said...

I literally rolled down the floor laughing at logic labakdas comment.


hari said...

Ayyo Rama, indha Amrikkan elecshun eppo mudiyumdaa saami! FaceBook thollai thaanga mudiyala.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hawkeye....this post is really cynical! Full disclosure - I am a Saniyan pudicha desi per your characterization. I followed American politics as early as 2004, even before the Obama era. I don't know if you have a special term for people like me! Does it occur to you that some people are really concerned about the greater good and not just their "adutha velai soru"? For some of us, a GC is not the beginning and the end of the world. Maybe we truly care about people not dying due to lack of health insurance and people in far away countries dying in misguided war? Sure, the world is not going to change because of me having an opinion, but if i thought that the only activity that is worth doing is something that will fetch me money/GC/whatever you consider "urupadi", i dont think its a life thats really worth living. BTW, even though i dont agree with you, i still think the saniyan pudicha series is really funny. You remind me of Lewis Black. Oh sorry...thats one more thing us Saniyan pudicha desis do...watch the Jon Stewart show!

Anonymous said...

BTW - do you really think Mitt will stand by his promise of stapling a GC? How much of your paycheck are you willing to bet on that?

Anonymous said...


it is because you watch Jon Stewart and mistake his retarded, biased non-humor for news that you are caring about far-away wars and Quixotic non-issues. You are not a saniyan pidicha desi. You are a kayanda cracku who watches a kayanda cracku.

Voting and political activism were meant to be in self-interest and not based on silly Jon Stewart jokes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Logic Labakudas,

Etho un blog-a comment pannina mathiri, nee rombha koovura? This blog and its contents in no ways concerns you are affects you, it is hawkeye's...But your coo-ing just shows, people love to hear their own voices just like the saniyan pudicha people that hawkeye wrote about..
Athe category-la irunthu, bayangara satham podura ba? Loosa nee?

Anonymous said...

Nazis! enna kashtam pa ethu. what happened in your childhood that you turned out this way? avan avanukku enna aasayo atha discuss pannitu poran.

Global warming/ufo/Ro'money' o...

Whats ur problem? I do agree most Indians arent aware the republicans might be more beneficial for them. And if they knew they would most likely choose Ro'money' over obama. btw bread and butter.. global warming can be damned..

But athu vera matter. onaku politics purila.. i am assuming u sit over there in a corner when these matters r discussed. antha kadupla oru post....

onaku oru support kootam vera..

INnocent_guy said...

This is hilarious. Reading all the Anonymous comments, not knowing who is who. Anyway, election over, Sathya-Bama won. It makes no difference to our lives really. I'll probably have biriyani tonight.

Anonymous said...

Standing ovation for "Logic Labakkudas"

Anonymous said...

ROFL. A good cover photo for this post !!


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