Thursday, November 15, 2012

Madras Crowd - 3

Watching Thuppaki in AVM Rajeshwari Theater 2nd day Matinee Show. Vijay's ponnu paakara scene. Girl's father calls out for the girl to come outside "Nishaa veliyee vaa maa". Camera now shows a door of the room from which the girl is supposed to walk out. An old lady walks out just for fun to tease Vijay.

Guy from the theater crowd " Vaayasukku vandha Nisha'va Kaata sonna, setthu poga pora Usha'va Kaature"


INnocent_guy said...

Ah yes. I remember my experience when I went to watch Kaadhal Konden in Chennai, in some remote theater (don't remember the name). There's a scene where Sonia and Dhanush are in the forest, and Sonia has to change her dress or something, and Dhanush turns the other way and grabs tightly on to a tree branch, trying to control his urges. Madras-crowd man sitting in front of me says "Antha kattai-a pudikka sonna intha kattai-a pudikaran?"

Alan Smithee said...

I don't recall which movie it was, but there was a scene in which the ponnu veedu says naanga idhu poduvom, adhu poduvom etc. and then asks the maappillai veedu neenga enna poduveenga. Oru adhigaprasangi shouted "umm kalyanathukku approm mappillai ponna poduvaaru".

Vinodh_V said...

My best experience of the Madras Crowd happened recently when I went for Argo at PVR. They were playing way too many trailers before the start and hence way too many 'Smoking is injurious to your health' message. One guy shouted "Thirumba thirumba pesura nee". the timing was so perfect (just when it was beginning to get on the nerves) that the entire crowd laughed every time it was played again.

Anonymous said...

Mogamul at Devi Bala. New College porikki pasanga think the movie is better than the movie.

Yamuna asks Babu, "Enna kaathala'e vandhurukka?"

Someone shouts, "Adhaane eppodhum raathiri dhaane varuva.."

I enjoyed the comments more than the movie. Recently I saw the movie and I could appreciate it.


Ravi Kumar said...

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