Thursday, November 08, 2012

Omakuchi Narasimhan and the voteless desi

I should have looked to the great goundan for reference instead of writing my own post about it. I have sinned. After all there is no topic that the great one has not commented on. Via Sriram


Anonymous New Yorker said...

Obama is "pro illegal immigrants/mexican migrants" & "anti-legal(India & Israel)", probably because Barry f****ng Soetoro is an illegal himself. It has been speculated that Obama was laundering money into his campaign from illegal online foreign donations.

Foreign donations for a foreign candidate, and he won.

The chiefs of all Ivy League varsities wrote to Obama asking him to change visa regulations to award green cards to skilled foreign professionals/legal immigrants. Obama has been constantly ignoring it and is encouraging illegal mexican immigration to appease local latinos, thereby killing the American dream for skilled legals.

Apart from the fact that most Indian-born desis can't vote, do they even think about what the "chimpy Kenyan" is doing to them?

No wonder desis, who love to watch SRK chasing a SUV with a pedal driven cycle-rickshaw, fall for oratory gimmicks.

Now, another four years- run by this ghetto thug but we'll have to live with it.

hari said...

Nethi adi...

Anonymous said...

LOL..Its interesting that you found a nice video. Thanks for acknowledging my comment on your Saniyan pudicha post.

Ravi Kumar said...

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