Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Here is A.R. Rahman's 'Adiye' song from Manirathnam's upcoming movie 'Kadal'. As soon as I heard it mind began wandering into "where have I heard this before" mode (No! its not the Aaromale song from VTV). Here is the Adiye song:

(After lot of head scratching)

Maybe there is a better "original" song in the same genre. But Boyz II Men was the closest that came to my mind:

But there were these boy bands from the 90s who have had a song much closer to 'Adiye' than I can remember. I searched Color Me Badd, EYC but couldn't get an exact match. I am pretty sure there is an exact match that I cant get hold of. Maybe its a case for my old buddy Karthik to crack.


some head scratching later Alicia Keys 'fallin' also has aspects that I like in Adiye


Ravi said...

Is the inference that this song is nt original ?

Anonymous said...

Include Ai du by Ali Farka Toure in your list of sources. seems most inspired by that more than anything else. But very well made in itself.

Anonymous said...

Is this an official version of sneak peak ?

The wording at the end of the video says A ManiRatnam "FLIM" instead of FILM.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was reminded of this Blues Number by Blind Willie Johnson -

Abinav said...

Elay Keechan has more than a hint of Alison Krauss (I 'll fly away)

As soothing as the album is, this looks more like Harris Jeyarak's work than ARR's

Anonymous said...

@ Abinav: No offense, but do you seriously think that Harris can produce an album like this?

Yes, this album is a bit "quieter" than ARR's usual stuff, but I think he's done a decent job. But each to his own, I guess.

Anonymous said...

AR Rehman killing Tamil again with the help of Boyz to Men.

Mohanavadivelu Murugesan said...

yes it is not original,go behind 1960 genre or oh brother where are you ost,Allison kraus stuff or Bob is easy, ask ARR.the original is more impressive than this