Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dei Gautham Menon!! 1990s called they want their love stories back!

When I wrote that I really liked VTV, I was told by my friends - who went to engineering college in 1990s and had this thing called girl friend (back then it was called 'lover' as the concept of casual dating didnt really exist) - that only people (i.e. me) who had no idea of love or romance would really like VTV. They might be on to something. VTV was probably an excellent love story for losers from 1990s.  

I am guessing Nee Dhaane En Pon Vasantham would have been a great movie for the lovers from 1990s. Just that it should been made and released in the 90s itself. It looks kind of outdated now. It does not have those "50 edits per second" kind of artificial pace, it goes about in its own pace, sets the mood and tells a story that has been told since the days people learned to say stories. The problem is Gautham Menon has done the same movie before. Actually he has done it twice before. In Vaaranam Aayiram and VTV he had squeezed in every little bit of moody love moments that would have resonated with people who went to private engineering college in 1990s. There is just nothing more left to be said on this topic. Trying to draw from the same dry well has made him give us a rather vacuous movie in which nothing really happens. And really, Gautham Menon needs a dialog writer for his upcoming movies. He is a really bad at dialogs.

The sad part was there were pieces in the movie that I actually liked. I am a Jiiva fan. And Santhanam was really funny in this movie. I don't mind it when directors take off on their own trip and do a  movie which is essentially a 3 hour ego masturbation. Unfortunately, it becomes painful to watch when Gautham does it 3 times in row. I actually found that checking test match score during the movie was a useful distraction. And the scoring rate of Dhoni and Kohli was 2 an over.

The manner-less Seattle crowd was at its mokkai best again. I really wish there is a flyer given out to Thamizh people who watch movies in Seattle just to let them know in advance that they are neither cool nor funny. A bunch fat idiots started making inane comments that sadly evoked a few giggles. This encouraged them enough to make them assume that they were awesome and cool. So they started making mokkai comments throughout the movie. In fact 90% of the theater crowd were mannerlessly making noises. I didnt pay $10 to listen to these idiots. There was a bigger idiot who had mailed in a movie from India to pain me. I didn't need local help. 


neon said...

Gautam Vasublade Menon. Avan athae "nee evalo azhagu theriyuma?" dialoga vechu moonu padam eduthutaan. I liked varaanam aayiram and vtv, but this was like a bad VTV deleted scenes montage.

amas said...
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amas said...

Super review! :-)Plis to read my review too :-)

INnocent_guy said...

AHAHAHAHHAA! Recycling ideas is in! GM is simply keeping with the times.

Sundar said...

Yes... GVM needs a new dialogue writer... the dialogues in his movies are artificial and a big letdown....he could do with the "ava romba azhaguda" piece..

Alan Smithee said...

A friend of mine cried after watching minnale because the mech. engineer won and the elec. engineer lost in the end. Needless to say, he was mech and was in love with a elec girl. I think Menon's movies are targeted to such people.

Hawk Eye said...

neon, sundar

thank god he left out the 'I wanna make love to you dialog'.


always read your blog :-). from your review seems like 'same blood'

innocent guy,


alan smithee,

for some reason he thinks that those kind of details are unexplored terrain in thamizh cinema. people have gone past it.

Anu said...

How do you manage to watch movies in the theater with 2 kids? (vaitherichal only)

Anonymous said...

This movie seems so antiquated!

There's already movies like Kushi on ego clash, no.

Illayarajah's songs were a big distraction! I wonder if the movie might be slightly better without the songs.

The trailer, the posters, hype for Illayarajah's songs, and the movie - all seem so disconnected!

Irony that heroine is a Psy major by is very emotion driven and clingy, Too bad!

Refreshing to see hero having brothers than sister!

Forget all these. I thot of consoling myself watching the kissing scenes. Ayo, that one also double antiquated, he could very well used flower to cover their kissing. Phew!

Doesn't feel like a Gautham Movie!


Tanvi said...

I couldnt understand what do you mean when you say, " Vaaranam Aayiram and VTV he had squeezed in every little bit of moody love moments that would have resonated with people who went to private engineering college in 1990s". Why do you think those moody love moments are of 1990's private engg college student? Do you say so because both heros goes to engg. college? other than that I didnt see any love moments during either of the hero's college life, infact both are out of college romances.

Secondly, if you call this movie a 3 hr ego masturbation then I cant help relating this post to one such, because all you have written is a complete rant about your how you felt about the movie and your hostile opinion about the director. A 4 para post masturbation MASTURBATION.

A comment(Adapting your style-Commenting on the person instead of his work): Remember you are one among 'The manner-less Seattle crowd' who uses mobile during a cinema to distract other viewers with their wonderful bright mobile device(no matter how hard you try to hide your mob under your hoodie, people can still see you).

This movie is not out of the league, it is a cliche, but the way it had been handled is different. You can feel the moist in some scenes unlike romantic movies where the romance is very dry including Minnale.

I am neither NEP fan nor Gautham fan. But this movie is not as bad as its reviews claim it to be. Ofcourse Tamil audiences needs the FORMULA.

Kaushik said...

I really have to agree with this review. This movie was total BS. The dialogues are shallow, unnecessary scenes thrown in.

I really found the VTV scenes with Santhanam and Jenni vomit inducing and I never imagined that GM will stoop to such level, though his standards have been in a decline for quite a while.

GM should have thought a little more before directing the climax. Its just annoyed me to see that Jiva who had an epiphany when his father was slightly insulted when they went ask a girl for his brother, was willing to put his "would-be's" family to such despair on the day of the wedding.

I am happy in a way that there wasn't too many of shitty english dialogues in the movie.

Anonymous said...


" Its just annoyed me to see that Jiva who had an epiphany when his father was slightly insulted when they went ask a girl for his brother, was willing to put his "would-be's" family to such despair on the day of the wedding."

I think he made the decision to call off the marriage after his father confronts him that night. If you remember, his father explains the consequences of loving someone and marrying another and says "be a man".

It's not so clear if the father wants him to let go of Nithya to provide a better future for his fiancé. I read it as the way I explained above.

What you guys think?


narasim said...

rasanaiyai vaLuthokOnga boss! It is an awesome movie!!! maybe you should go alone if you have not done so in the first attempt!

I feel that those who could not appreciate the movie lives a very mechanical and lifeless life with 0 emotions and 0 love. Sorry if I am being harsh. Innum edhirpaakareenga na neengale dhan padam edukkanum! period.