Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kamal Hasan, Cho etc

I don't think Cho's spontaneous genius can be summed up in simple words. He has the ability to squeeze through a subtle point in-between humor. And I'd like to think it stings where it hurts. He summed up Kamal Hasan perfectly when Kamal appeared in a mock version of reality show "Neengalalum Vellalam Oru Kodi" For the uninitiated this show is a poor man's poor copy of "Who wants to be a Millionaire". Or as I'd like to call the show - Vijay TV's Poverty Porn.. A carefully instrumented show where people's dopamine response is achieved by hearing poor people sing their poverty song, cry often and get alms from the host Prakash Raj. Someone's poverty is our entertainment. And no one can sell this sort of entertainment better than Vijay TV.

Anyway coming back to our beloved Cho. Cho casually described Kamal as "An actor among intellectuals and an intellectual among actors". This is probably as accurate as one can get in terms of describing Kamal Hasan and as close to one can get to insulting him during Vijay TV's traditional lick ass series of shows.

As observed many times in this blog Shakespeare has said two things about life - (1) No God is equal to sabapathy and (2) the world is a theater. In the spirit of (2) this was clearly not a reality show. It was as staged as it can get. If the "Ramanujar birth place" question didn't clue one in. I am sure Mortimer Wheeler and Sambhaji Maharaj must have. One was happy looking at Kamal Hasan's rather poor pretense during the Poornam Viswanathan question. It was comforting to note that even he wasn't interested in pretending anymore. But it will deceive the public nevertheless. This is because the questioner did not 'out' the question paper to Kamal Hasan. The questioner knew the contents of the answer paper Kamal Hasan had written and set the questions accordingly. And hey! cinema icons never lose. Award shows are staged that way in India. The only reason Kamal Hasan didn't win 1 crore was because "time was up". If there was time he would've won the show. How can Kamal Hasan ever be wrong in Vijay TV?

This show was mainly about how big of a "maira pudungi" Kamal Hasan is. The purpose of the show was to tell us all that Kamal Hasan is this amazingly, intelligent, multi-talented, know it all, philosopher, pundit, jedi master and Gandalf. A veritable modern Vishwamithrar whom we better call Brahma Rishi only because we are not Vasishtars and therefore we have no right to not crown him with titles. We are almost obligated to do so. Since we are remiss for not acknowledging the turban'ed Bharathi in his lifetime, we have to compensate by acknowledging this self-proclaimed  "turban podaatha Bharathi". No one pauses to realize that Bharathi was not recognized because he was truly a rebel and didn't agree with the popular thought process  of people around him. The former is not always caused by the latter. But the latter always causes the former. 

One of the biggest failings of Tamils as a civilization in the post-independence era is their glorification of cinema koothadis as messiahs, philosophers and intellectuals. In an ideal world, cinema people will be relegated to the entertainment section. They would have zero voice in politics, religion, philosophy and intellectual thought process of the civilization. The only way a dictator can set right this 'pazha pona' thamizh civilization is to limit the freedom of cinema people to have them not express a view on political, religious or other topics that require careful debate, knowledge and understanding. There should be whiplashes for cinema people who even has a fleeting thought about expressing an opinion on philosophy and politics.

A person like Kamal Hasan is dangerous to the society purely because he is an actor pretending to be an intellectual when people can't tell the difference. There is a risk that he may actually have a social impact. His false narratives of history, unnoticeable inaccuracies, artificial agenda can actually mislead the people. Channels like Vijay TV who have been carefully setting up a narrative to brainwash people use him effectively. Whether he likes it or not they ask Kamal about atheism and other arbitrary historical/philosophical things which he is no way qualified to pontificate about. Yet he and his cinema cohorts are the ones who are the voices of this civilization's intellectual thinking. And the only way one can show their intellectualism or be a rebel in Tamil country is by offering their 2 cents on religion.

No matter what the topic is - Kamal Hasan arrives with his tool kit of "Sivaji Sahab", "Dilip Kumar Ji", "Balachander saar" " I am Sivaji sir's eldest son" " I sat on the lap of MGR, AVM" and performs his "adraa raama" monkey dance in front of an eager public. He appears to roar, growl, and in a "true Gandhian" sense militates against a non-existent straw man institution that opresses, supresses and depresses the innocent thamizhan. Losers who have no one to blame but themselves get an imaginary institution to shift the blame for their own failures. Apparently E.V.Ramaswamy didn't break Vinayagar idols. He only wanted more people to come to temple and pray. One must sympathize with Kamal Hasan though. He is a prisoner of his own image. The fox's paint will only come off when it rains. In a civilization that is going through an intellectual drought, chances of that happening is very low.


Anonymous said...

He is clearly an imposter. But we need to appreciate the fact that he is capable of imitating al pacino like almost 70%..like how 'vadivelu balaji' does it on 'vadivelu' in same vijay tv. Nothing more than that. It was pathetic to see him on '50 years celebration' in vijay tv...every piece of it ditto...from his suit, hairstyle, sitting posture...If you get a chance compare '50 years gala' of al pacino and this guy in you tube...what an effort....WOW...

Abinav said...

Ellam fine and agree.

But why do you think he must be 'qualified' to have an opinion and express it? (as a Madrasian, you will know that expression of opinion is by default, pontification in paandiland)

I may think you are an idiot and vice-versa, but does that give me a right to deny you an opinion or you me? (actually you do, since you can moderate comments)

I do not watch celebrity interviews as I find them nauseating. Surely if you are this repulsed by Mr. Haasan's obvious facade, you can just switch off no, instead of making yourself such a glutton for punishment.

P.S: Cho is a rockstar. An actor among politicians, a politician among actors and an intellectual among everyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there was a lot of blowing his trumpet stuff. However, if you can specifically substantiate for your below line from the episode, it will be interesting to know.

"His false narratives of history, unnoticeable inaccuracies ..."

~ Mukund

Mukundhan said...

I agree that there was a lot of blowing his trumpet stuff. However, if you can specifically substantiate for your below line from the episode, it will be interesting to know.

"His false narratives of history, unnoticeable inaccuracies ..."

~ Mukund

hari said...

The problem is, it's not so much the so-called uneducated people who are influenced by Kamal. People who claim to be educated are the first ones to applaud whatever he does. Whenever I say that I don't like Kamal but admired his acting in a few movies, most people look at me wonderingly. It seems even the more educated among us cannot discern the actor from the pretend-social activist.

You said it best. Ideally people like him should have no influence to talk about social issues and get taken seriously.

Aditya said...

You have hit the nail on the head!
Excellent article!

In the show Kamal interprets Bharathi's 'Parashakthi' as Alien Shakthi, taking Para-as Alien. Any person with a bit of Sanskrit knowledge would know that Para here meant Highest as in Paramaatma.
People should not open their mouth and teach things which they don't have any knowledge about and mislead the public!

Aditya.R said...

You have hit the nail on the head!
Excellent article!

In the show Kamal interprets Bharathi's 'Parashakthi' as Alien Shakthi, taking Para-as Alien. Any person with a bit of Sanskrit knowledge would know that Para here meant Highest as in Paramaatma.
People should not open their mouth and teach things which they don't have any knowledge about, and mislead the public!

Rex said...

Great post..gotta love the last line about the fox and intellectual drought.

Alan Smithee said...

You are late to the party, but you are quite articulate. The horse bolted long time back and there is no point in closing the stable door.

Sundar Narayanan said...

there is only one more thing that Kamal has left to do.. to take your pissed off level from 99.9% to 100%

Join the celebrity cricket league..

saw my wife watching this nonsense and it was beyond me.. asked her "now actors are entering cricket because cricketers are entering movies?

andha kodumaiya nee innum paakalainnu nenaikkaren..

Anonymous said...

More than anything what irked me was that chick asking a kiss from Kamal.. Karumuam...

I wanted to slap her head hard

Anonymous said...

shit yo.. you gone completely nuts.

Anonymous said...

raja saar spirituality olaral pathi oru post pls??

Anonymous said...

If one were to ignore Kamal's preaching about atheism, history, philosophy, meaning of tamil slang words, etc his reminiscing about the older actors, especially about Nagesh was actually quite interesting and nostalgic.

Yes, he was blowing his own trumpet, but some parts of it were engaging.

I said...

The cinema kaaran should be: Vilakku pidichaya, aduppu erinjidha, kodi pidichaya, gosham potaya, bata vaanginaya'nu poganum.

The cinema watcher should be: padam mudinjudha, urupadradha paathaya.

Rendum'e nadakkaradhu illa. Tamilan remakes life from cinema; adapts cinema dialogues in real life situations; reads cinema kisu kisu in free time; reads cinema kisu kisu at work; talks about cinema at home and work; thinks about cinema during work meetings; has to be a Kamal or Rajini fan. Then there are cheri people who want a koothadi to be Thalaiva, Chief Minister, Prime Minister and NATO secretary general.

Because of such people, olaru vaayans like Kamal and Rajini pethify about religion, politics, spirituality and offer bodho'padesam.

Anonymous said...

So cho is great Kamal is an idiot. Do you have a problem against people who are intelligent and posisbly more intelligent than you? In a country where everything from elections to cricket is fixed why are you breaking your head for a 'fixed' entertainment show?

it offered some pastime thatz all. And Kamal is definitley more knowledgeable than the average Madrasi. so he has a right to trumpet it.

move on

Narayanan said...

Just happened to come across this blog by chance, and i am glad i did, Considering the fact that i have been pondering the same over the past week. Vijay TV has always been a bit biased towards kamal and this is not surprising given the propensity of the channel to highlight people of a certain denomination in all its cultural programmes. And the behavior of the vijay tv anchors particularly DD and priya was particularly nauseating. I switched off the tv once they started behaving the way they did..

Anonymous said...

You guys would be surprised how much this fellow is idolized and admired as an intellectual and saviour of indian cinema here in Malaysia that you would literally puke looking at the way the interviewer swoon and sings Kamal puranam.

Life is tough!

P/S:For some Malaysian Kamal enthusiasts vishwaroopam has multi layered story telling...whatever the hell it was.

Anonymous said...

//Apparently E.V.Ramaswamy didn't break Vinayagar idols. He only wanted more people to come to temple and pray. One must sympathize with Kamal Hasan though.//

EVR wanted Dalits to go to temples, including poor. Please note.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post - something that I have always felt about Kamal and not many people around me agreed...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure what was more puke-worthy: Kamal's brag-athon or Prakash Raj giggling like a dizzy school girl at Kamal's antics. Probably the latter.

D.N.A. said...

I say this without condescending, & going to say it straight, just the way you like. Your posts are becoming like an out of form Sehwag trying to hit his way back to form. No matter what's your POV, the style is becoming jarring. I don't know how one regains that form, but I just don't think you are on top of your game. (saying this as a long time reader, due respect & all that....).

Anonymous said...

Nothing about Arvind Samy?

Irony Alert said...

A person who watches Vijay TV and takes that as some measure of Tamil civilisation wants to comment on its merit. If the irony police were this absent, I guess one should use the opportunity to extend this blog's vacuousness as the internet's true demise.

Anonymous said...

@I Is I the alter ego of Hawkeye? If not, does I have any blogs? And coming to the blog post, Kamalhassan I dont like his stand on atheism and the fact that he acts like a know-all.

Anonymous said...

It's no surprise that expert shit talkers like Kamal Haasan have a huge following. But i have to give it to Haasan for he knows his audience and wouldn't hesitate to lower himself for attention. Every corner of the globe produces its share of creeps. Here in the US, we have an Orly Taitz and Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

I find your rambling about Kamal so cute :-) :-D though I don't necessarily agree with you.

Kaushik said...

Thalaivare, seriyaana timing.

Kaushik said...

Nalla timing dhan. :P

Hawk Eye said...

anon@Tuesday, April 16, 2013 11:50:00 PM

I should check the al pacino show.


I used 'qualified' loosely. anyone can say their 2 cents abt any topic as long as there is merit. I agree with that. but this is different because there is a pre-loaded assumption that he is an expert, which he is not and there is no cross checking of what he says.


18 comments saying the same thing :-)


he gives people with little knowledge a lot of ammunition. some recently posted a misquote in quora that beef eating was recommended in Rg Veda. This was voted up by people who neother had the ability to cross check nor had the inclination to.


ya. I thought he was being sarcastic then I realized he wasn't clarifying his spin.




I didn't know about this celebrity cricket league. I hope it is distinguishable from IPL :-)

anon@Wednesday, April 17, 2013 11:54:00 AM

adhavdhu avanga cool'am. they way she'll justify it in her head is nammellam kiss is sexual'nu neneikara kaatu mirandi. she thinks its harmless gesture. at least beiber fans have no pretensions

anon@Wednesday, April 17, 2013 6:47:00 PM

link please. I am not spiritual but wud love to see what he has said.


adhavdhu cinema is a reflection of reality'nu cinemakarane sollittu poiduvan. apporam nambellam edhukku.

anon@Wednesday, April 17, 2013 10:27:00 PM

kamal is more intelligent than you. but then so are many plants. but rest of what u say is not true.


you a MJ fan or a slash fan?

anon@Thursday, April 18, 2013 12:09:00 AM

this word "multi layered" has been abused so much. apparently even kadhal is multi-layered'aam

anon@Thursday, April 18, 2013 10:23:00 AM

I didn't contest EVR's evangelism efforts to improve temple traffic. I contested kamal's statement that "naathigar udaipadhillai" comment


thanks and really appreciate your frankness. the only thing is I am not trying to regain old form and get back to wherever I was. I am just going about wherever this path takes me without a specific destination.

anon@Friday, April 19, 2013 8:45:00 AM

didn't see it fully. don't watch NVOk consistently

irony alert,

worthy comment. Almost revealed your identity :-). Only flaw in what you said is that this relationship is not true


I have to issue you a analogy alert.

anon@Saturday, April 20, 2013 10:56:00 AM

"I" is me when I rread his comments. "I" is you when you read the comments. Otherwise http://murungakka.blogspot.com is a good blog worth following



J said...

You have taken Cho's brilliant oneliner quip "An actor among intellectuals and an intellectual among actors". into an effective whip nicely strung together with some choice words, well deserved for the pseudo intellect,

Joe said...

don't get your rant. what exactly is your beef with kamal hassan. he maybe overrated as an actor, but there's no doubt he is an intellectual among indian actors, if Anbe Sivam was anything to go by. how many indian celebs come up with anything remotely similar or thought provoking?

Options said...

Super post! I am a huge Kamal Hassan fan, but definitely not a fanatic to be awestruck at whatever he does.

Very rightly said, that the questions are tailor made for kamals answers and it's so sad that there is still huge viewership for NVOK which is suppossedly reality tv.

Please do a post on the latest Prakash Raj and Surya episode. In spite of being a Surya fan, the way he was guessing answers was too nauseating !

and then the hooter coming up, just before the 1 crore question. Thoo.

I am a ComplexNumber said...

"The fox's paint will only come off when it rains." Good subtle reference to his own song...:)

Kamal is one of the persons who has the least bit of integrity.

He talks about Ramanujacharya and agrees with him and talks about mundaasu podaatha bharathi.

And recites a venbaa on atheism in vijay tv to his nephew (anu hassan)
And it is exactly the same thing Bharathiyaar talks about theism or god. I will share tamil "venbaa" and bharathiyaars original song about god.

If you have integrity you should say
"bharathikku oru mayirum theriyaathu. avarukku tamil varum avvalavu thaan"

"ramanujarukkum onnum theriyaathu. anthaalu tamil la ok"

You cannot drag everyone into your conception when they themselves clearly are against your stand.

it is like if I grab Richard dawkins and Darwin and say
"actually when richard dawkins denies god, he actually is asking
people to believe in god

he is appreciating god"

Kamal is the least of the intellectuals and has no integrity.

Back a moodikkittu olungaa padikkanum...

"Entha kadavula kaekkanum kareenga"

"Nee entha kadavula illaenu sollaradaa"

Kamal is like those fail aagara pasanga being clueless about any subject and placing blame on the school.

he nakaladuchifies
"Ramanujarngaraanga sankararngaraanga madhwarungaraanga olungaa solla maatengaraanga"

Dei nee athula ethunaachum onnaavathu olungaa padidaa pothum