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I wrote briefly about Kamban in the 4 part Ramayana series of posts. A couple of people have helped me learn more about Kamban in the past few days and I wanted to point them out. One is a blog on English translation of Kamba Ramayanam and the other is an audio "blog" in sound cloud.

Kamban, as many know, wrote his version of Ramayana based on his interpretation of Valmiki's text. I was told that when Kamban travelled to Srirangam requesting permission to start this work, he was first asked to compose "Satagopan Andhadhi", which would give him the sense to distinguish right and wrong. This "andhadhi" was in praise of the foremost of the 12 Aazhwars - Kaari MaaRan Satagopan, whose ThiruvaiMozhi is considered to be on par with Chandogya Upanishadh..The seers in Srirangam felt that writing this andhadhi would allow him to comprehend Ramayana in the appropriate context. Kamban wrote Kamba Ramayanam after composing "Satagopan andhadhi".

Chenthil writes the English translation of Kamba ramayanam (called அலகிலா விளையாட்டு – Endless Game )without being asked to compose something else. I recommend readers check out this blog on english translation of Kamba Ramayanam.

Sushima Shekar  aka amas32 and a few others have a series of audio posts on Kamban in SoundCloud. I have to say this (and my mother said the same thing as well :-) ). Amas32's voice resembles Jayalalitha's voice strongly.


kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Very Nice!
Kambar points out Chadaiyappar and you point the ppl who helped u:)
Thatz the "true spirit" of intaking the kaavyam!

//Kaaril MaaRan Satagopan//
small typo - Kaari MaaRan
* Kaari = father's name
* MaaRan = his name
* Satagopan = name bestowed by tradition
* Nam-Azhwar = name fondly called by all!

//ThiruvaiMozhi is considered to be on par with Chandogya Upanishadh//

Even supreme than Upanishad bcoz, Chandogyam talks only of Gnana & Not Prema!
but TiruvaaiMozhi is ஞானத்தில் தன் பேச்சு, பிரேமத்தில் பெண் பேச்சு!
Thatz why itz hailed as "Dravida Vedham"

பக்த அம்ருதம் - விஸ்வ ஜனானு மோதனம்
சர்வ அர்ததம் - ஸ்ரீ சடகோப வாங்மயம்

சகஸ்ர சாகோ உபநிஷத் சமாகமம்
நமாம்யஹம் - "திராவிட வேத" சாகரம்!

திருவாய்மொழிக்கு உருகாதார்
ஒருவாய்மொழிக்கும் உருகார்

kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Kudos to Chenthil
Kudos to amas amma! - I never thought u are the Jaya-mma:))

//(called அலகிலா விளையாட்டு – Endless Game )//

Just for the sake of refining, lemme add a bit more
அலகிலா is not endless!

We say அலகிடுதல் in Tamizh Grammar,
wherein we split the poem to எழுத்து-அசை, சீர்-தளை, அடி-தொடை!
which is splitting the poem into constituent parts & then reconciling as a whole!

To split & reconcile, we should know both beginning and end!
BOF & EOF are standard terminology even in computer file transfer - bytes sent and bytes received!

If அலகிலா is endless, then what abt the Beginning? Is it Beginless?
So, அலகிலா = Non Reconcile-able!

You cannot split his sport & analyze - where is the begin of byte & where is the end of byte!
You cannot split into constituent parts & analyze the யாப்பு!

அவன் யாப்பை அலகிட முடியாது!
அதுவே = அலகிலா! (Non Reconcile-able)

Kamban's usage of words is ming boggling!
Hez another Hawkeye - Lightning strikes everyday!:)

kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...

Now, u can set a trap & catch me or kamban too!:)
If hez "அலகிலா", how come you can sing his kaaviyam or write abt him saying...
- "உலகம் யாவையும், தாம் உள ஆக்கலும்
- நிலை பெறுத்தலும்
- நீக்கலும் நீங்கலா?
Does that amount to reconcile what he does?

Thatz why Kamban puts, "தலைவர் அன்னவர்க்கே"!
அன்ன = உவம உருபு; உவமை is just a simile (comparison) for our pleasure! A simile cannot sum up the whole object!
So, "அன்னவர்க்கே" is the Kamban's Choicest Chol!

அலகிலா விளையாட்டுடை - யாரவர்
தலைவர் அன்னவர்க்கே - சரண் நாங்களே!

.. and this saraN is Saranagathi of Nammazhwar!

... which kamban internalized by singing சடகோபர் அந்தாதி before singing கம்ப ராமாயணம்!
(even pugazhendi sings abt azhwar, before singing NaLa Venpaa)

Dank u, for letting my few words, abt the Tamizh Maestro Kamban!

I am a ComplexNumber said...

Thanks for the links