Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mariyan = (Nee Dhaane En Pon Vasantham) ^ Kadal

Disclaimer: The dude who acts as the heroine's father. I think his character name is thomas but they call him thommai or bommai or some such shit. He needs to be given an Oscar or a BharathRatna for his emoting, diction, tamil and accent. Temples must be built for him for people to worship. Where did they find him?

Among the people who like the smell of their own fart, Bharathbala likes the smell of his own fart the most. This is quite an extraordinary achievement considering the fact that his competitors include Gautham Menon and Manirathnam who, with kadal, locked himself up in a closed air-locked chamber for 3 hours to smell his own fart. Which might've been alright if not for the fact that he locked in the audience with him as well. You can at least forgive Mani & Gautham as they've given us a few hits in the past. But Bharathbala! First movie and all this indulgence. Really?

There is a very bad song by A.R.Rahman early on in the movie called 'Sonapareeya'. If ever there was a badly done song that did not fit the situation or the movie. It is this song. That song is the point where you kinda begin to fear this movie may not be good. It kind of tells you that something is badly out of synch. And then its all downhill. There was so much time in the movie where nothing really ever happened that I had time to think what was exactly wrong with the movie.Firstly, Bharathbala does not have the skills to translate a thought on paper to images and sound on screen. Secondly, Bharathbala has a total about 3 ideas that would be worth about 45 movie of movie time. All 3 ideas are very uninteresting. But in Bharathbala's mind these ideas are like gold. So he shows us these ideas repeatedly. Each idea is shown in such a slow place that it loses any effect whatsoever. And then its repeated a couple of times again even more slowly.

Dhanush has acted well. But in this movie its like running a marathon in a treadmill. Lots of hardwork but you are still in the same place. AR.Rahman has done 1.5 good songs. Nenje Ezhu was good. Kadal Raasa was so-so (althought both arrive at a time when you are "chopping off your fingers with car keys" level bored). The other songs are all nonsense and don't fit the milieu. I don't think ARR is competent to handle fisherman subjects. Not just ARR - the entire crew seem to be unable to add any sort of native flavor or originality to the fisherman backdrop. Its like some rich Oxford, peter, guy trying to portray fishermen to us. Fish out of water.

The movie fails because, none of the events shown touch any sort of emotional chord with us. It doesn't matter. You are not engaged. The challenges to Dhanush's love story seem trivial if not nonsensical. The kidnappers look like circus clowns and you really can't take them seriously. The whole escape portion has no drama in it. Its all just a bunch of pretty images collated together.


Anonymous said...

The description in the blog is stinking. The blog writer must appreciate the fact that the readers should be able to read the kudos or dissent impartially only when a decent mode of expression is used. The writer should avoid strong expressions to show his dissent.After all this blog must have been read by many, inside a room or outside a room!!

Anonymous said...

What about Parvathi Menon?

Anonymous said...

art is subjective. what you like, some one else will dislike. There is never an absolute good or bad if you approach it as an art. If it doesnt strike an emotional chord with you, it might be because you are world is limited. Did you understand each and every frame of the movie?

Anonymous said...

Hawkeye, I've been a great fan of your blog over the years. But these days your posts seem to have a lot of negativity and foul language, which is very disheartening :( Whatever happened to the humor section!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings :) Help Required. Do you review & write about Indian film music?

Anonymous said...

just a quick you think that your posts are always either funny,cool or interesting and that is why you only those at the end of your post for the readers to mark? I always used to be amazed at the amount of overconfidence and superiority (cockiness)with which you constantly taunted and abused people,ideas communities even slightly differing from your ideas. But this I think is really the height. You are really a sad person !!!

Anonymous said...

It's Thomsai... a.k.a Thomas

How about a review of Singham 2 ?

Sree said...

I agree generally with the pace of the movie and the entire story being nothing more than a usual love story. To me the movie works in part purely based on the lead actors and their ability to enact something.

But, without questioning your liking - may i ask - how exactly would a movie be so bad if your patience to flow through the movie or just sit through is less than what the movie generally demands. How many of us watched Anbe Sivam in theatre and called it a slow movie while later it worked wonders? [Not to compare that with this but you get the point]

In any case - if your patience level and the liking to a subject has overgrown what the story demands you are anyway out of the movie's territory. It is like walking into Macy's on thanks giving and trying to pick a shirt for a dinner that evening and giving up coz nothing looks right.

PK said...

This the guy One who acts as her Dad. He is a National Award winner. Must not have been difficult to spot him ;-)

"AR.Rahman has done 1.5 good songs."
This is blasphemy!!! If you meant that the songs did not SUIT the milieu, well...ok...whatever
But the songs by themselves were fantabulous. "Innum Konjam Neram" is a beauty. "Enga Pona Raasa" is so poetic, the cars on the road seem to be doing a dance, when I listen to it in the background. BB did not do a good job bringing those songs to life. I thought ARR was fabulous. Not the background music, though! I could not resist commenting after having lived on these two songs for the past few months!

Also, sad to see Parvathi not mentioned at all in your review. I thought both actors did a good job! She looked so refreshingly beautiful! If there was anything to look forward to those song picturizations, it was her!

Hawk Eye said...

Sree Krishna,

I dont think I have a problem with slow pace stand alone. My most favorite movies are not fast paced. However, the context or the grip that this story offers is so weak for even a 45 minute movie. Stretching that kind of a weak story line to 2+ hours made it dull, drab.

I actually felt the director himself didnt know what he was doing at some points.

Episodic nature of shooting scenes as 2-3 minute moments should be transparent to the user if the story is gripping. For example - a couple of episodic sequences (a) jagan and dhanush are alone and jagan takes a look at the mirror and says how much his face has changed and (b) another scene where jagan and dhanush are alone and this an overly cooked scene where an imaginary Panimalar serves jagan food.

it is abundantly clear that these are two distinct episodes with no flow between them. These are like 2 trailers. you could reverse the order in which these 2 episodes will appear in the movie and no one will note the difference.

infact the confusion of director on which episode to show first in the movie is evident. Looks like he played with the order a little bit and ended up putting the episode where dhanush has a smaller/shorter bear appear later in the timeline to the episode where dhanush has a larger bear.

similarly the leopard sequence is overcooked, kind of disconnected and looks more like eye candy. it doesn't add to the grip of the movie but slows the pace down considerably.

the entire first half about dhanush and parvathy menon love is the lamest love sequence ever. there is really no big reason or conflict. so there is no big grip on you by the story. and the pace is slow.

dhanush missing his home turf has been over mentioned and over cooked in this movie. it just sells the same stuff again and again.

Anonymous said...

Nothing on vaali ?

Anonymous said...

when i first read this review before watching the movie i thought your description of the movie was a bit over, but now after watching the movie i agree with you completely except about ARR songs.